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    A journal researching the field of biblical studies from a scientific and fact-based perspective

  • About the Journal

    Dear Readers,


    Studies of Biblical Interest (SBI) publishes a biannual journal by students and scholars who are interested in espousing their new and original ideas about what the Bible really says.


    SBI strives to foster an environment of open and pluralistic inquiry through articles related to comparative biblical studies, textual criticism, etymological research, archaeology, anthropology, religion and science, the study of religious and cultural texts worldwide, alternative readings, discussions, critiques, and reviews. We also reserve space in each issue for items that would not traditionally be published in an academic journal, including art, literary fiction, music, opinion pieces, photography, and poetry.


    In biblical studies (and academia more generally), opinions are too often hardened into dogmatic positions. Such a state of affairs stifles scholarship. SBI endeavours to ensure that voices from across the field and beyond are represented prominently, regardless of whether the theories and views expressed are in harmony with one another.


    SBI looks forward to partnering with you, either as a reader or contributor, in this search for greater understanding of one of the world's foundational texts.


    Roger D. Isaacs, Member, Advisory Council of the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures, University of Chicago

    Adam R. Hemmings, Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society

    Janice Williams Miller, Former President, The Publishing Institute

    Founding Editors

  • Submit an Article

    Submission Guidelines

    • Studies of Biblical Interest (SBI) accepts articles on a rolling basis with no deadline for publication.
    • The journal follows The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition (CMS), in terms of presentation, style, abbreviations, and referencing. Authors are encouraged to use good sense in matters falling outside the CMS. 
    • Ancient and modern languages may be rendered in transcription, transliteration (to be italicized), or both. Include an English translation in brackets at the first occurrence of the word.
    • Submissions must include the following elements in order:

      1. Abstract

      2. Keywords

      3. Article (not exceeding 10,000 words, including references)

      4. Footnotes

      5. Bibliography of referenced works

    • SBI is a blind review journal. Remove all identifying information.

    • Use Word format.

    • Email submissions to editors@biblicaljournal.org.

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