Weekly Summary: 25th - 31st October, 2022

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"The prophet Isaiah stood at the beginning of an age of empires in the ancient Near East. In order, the age saw the rise of the neo-Assyrian, neo-Babylonian, and Achaemenid Persian empires. Each came to rule over that land which, according to the Book of Kings, had once been the home of an undivided Israel under the reign of king Solomon, son of David. Each appears in the book of Isaiah."

The find also gives historians a deeper understanding of who Hipparchus was and what he was able to do.

Close by the the Western Wall, a new underground exhibit is trying to link past and present. It is the first art exhibit that takes place in an operating archaeological site.

Numerous wars mentioned in the biblical text were historical occurrences.

The team found during excavations in the port a tomb dating back to late Roman times — the fourth to sixth centuries CE — a period when the town seemed to be occupied and controlled by the Blemmyes.