Weekly Summary: 18th - 24th October, 2022

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"The November 4 centenary of that find will be celebrated around much of the world with books and seminars, exhibitions and documentaries."

"The Rosetta Stone arrived at the British Museum in 1802 under the Treaty of Alexandria signed in 1801 between the French and the English armies, which resulted in the evacuation of the French forces from Egypt. The treaty also stipulated in its 16th article that it was forbidden to transfer any ancient Egyptian artifacts to France, which is how the British acquired the Rosetta stone."

"Deciphering the ancient Egyptian script was a longtime goal of European scholars. Centuries earlier, Greek and Roman writers had ascribed mystical qualities to Egyptian culture, and early modern European travelers to Egypt had brought back sculptures carved with the inscrutable pictographs, which seemed to support Egypt’s association with occult knowledge."

"Our analysis shows that they were acquiring obsidian from an increasingly diverse number of geological sources over time — a trend that was impossible to detect with the technology and methods available 50 years ago.”

"The eight marble relics show war scenes as well as palm, grape, pomegranate and fig trees, said Ali Shalgham, head of the excavation team."