Weekly Summary: 29th November - 5th December, 2022

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The seal appears to portray the bestowing of legitimacy on a local leader. Such a scene matches the reality in the area during the Late Bronze Age.

The IAA says it was paved during the reign of Hadrian. The work also unearthed pottery shards, metal vessels, and coins.

A graffito from the Beit She’arim graveyard confounded scholars, until they figured out it was written in Aramaic using a Persian alphabet. But its significance remains enigmatic.

According to early Christian tradition, the well known disciple of Jesus was from a town called Magdala, hence her name, Mary of Magdala. Yet, a location known as Magdala is never associated with Mary Magdalene in the Bible.

While alterations at the Tower of David site are challenging, two new lifts have been built to increase accessibility.scarab