Weekly Summary: 19th - 26th September, 2022

Each week, Studies of Biblical Interest brings you a brief summary of the discoveries, news items, and advances across the fields on which we focus. If you have a story you'd like us to share, please email the details to editors@biblicaljournal.org.

Israeli archaeologists have found opium residue in 3,500-year-old pottery, providing evidence to support the hypothesis that the drug was used in ancient burial rituals.

The researchers claim that the gradual change in the contents of the charcoal resulted from overexploitation that had destroyed natural assets.

Israeli archaeologists announced the discovery of a burial cavern from the time of Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II.

"His mission at Iowa is to show everyone—and he means everyone—that they have the capacity for scholarship and critical thought."

"From a hominin scratching on a clam half a million years ago to Neanderthals spraying ocher, art is hard to define. So far, sapiens is the only figurative artist in history. Why is another matter."